Survey Results February 2013

Summary of Survey
  • 96% of respondents want to keep the red barn where it is as part of Petaluma's western gateway and make it a museum to show our agricultural legacy
  • As to the number of homes to be built, 47% replied "none" while 48% said no more than 41, within the original 340 cap set by the City Council (in 1986) for this area
  • Only 1% supported letting Davidon build 66 homes here
  • Only 6% supported Davidon's plan to build houses on both sides of the lower creek. 55% want the open, public park space to be in front of the red barn and up the front side of the creek, while 39% favored having the back side of the creek and trees be public open space, up the hillside.

  • 77% wanted everything possible to be done to protect the endangered red-legged frog habitat on the property.

  • Top-ranked concerns were: loss of wildlife, traffic, downstream water issues, loss of views, and noise.

    Petalumans for Responsible Planning Survey Results

Please read the comments that people have made about the development at Windsor and D.