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The City Council Results

March 15, 2021

Unanimous Vote to move to Final DEIR

Many of you wrote comments and spoke at the City Council meeting on March 15. Three of the six council members had significant issues with the DEIR. Yet, they voted to move this to the final EIR (FEIR) stage. The Planning Department staff stated that all of the concerns raised by the public and the council would be addressed in the FEIR document.

Wednesday, October 20, 7 p.m.

Virtual meeting for the Recreation, Music, and Parks Commission

Link to the Staff Report:

Link to the latest conceptual plan.

This is the first time that park extension to Helen Putnam Park has been discussed by the Recreation, Music, and Parks Commission and the public.

The plan was called "Disneyland" by several participants. The public described the sensitive environment and wondered how people walking along Kelly Creek could be preserving the habitat. The planners said the loop trail provides a wonderful user experience on both sides of the creek. “Gives full experience of the property.” Would provide a “nice loop.”

Conclusion of the participants: The park should protect the sensitive areas with less emphasis on people and more emphasis on the sensitive environment.

Davidon Homes (a luxury home builder from Walnut Creek) developed plans in 2004 for 93 homes (reduced to 63+ homes in 2017) on 58 acres at D Street and Windsor, right next to Helen Putnam County Regional Park and Petaluma's urban growth boundary.

Petalumans for Responsible Planning (PetRP) has existed for over 17 years and is an unincorporated association for social welfare purposes. PetRP is concerned IF Davidon's plan has gone far enough to protect the environment and enable the public to enjoy the recreation opportunities of this incredible, one-of-kind location.

We seek to give voice to the community's concerns about this development, to pursue open space and parkland alternatives, and to enforce our environmental laws.

Argus Courier Poll - June 14, 2018

Question: Are you in favor of a proposal to protect some open space and build some Davidon homes? Here are the results:

No = 81.1% (284 people)

Yes = 18.9% (66 people)

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