Unanimous decision by City Council - DEIR is not adequate!

June 20, 2017

The birds are chirping, the cattle are grazing, the deer are freely roaming along the wildlife corridor, and the red-legged frogs are resting.

Thanks to the Petauma City Council late last night, the beautiful land on 58 acres at D Street and Windsor, right next to Helen Putnam County Regional Park and Petaluma's urban growth boundary, will remain open space until the next steps in the process!

Davidon DEIR - not adequate!

By a unanimous decision, the Petaluma City Council determined that the 2017 Davidon DEIR was inadequate. Not only was the DEIR inadequate but also the City Council unanimously stated, as did the Planning Commission, that no houses should be constructed in the unstable hillsides and frog habitat south of Kelly Creek..

The City Council listened to the community, and they responded in a positive way!

Require a new DEIR -- 28-homes

The Council determined that they wanted to require a number of improvements to the DEIR in response to numerous public comments, The City Council agreed that the next DEIR should focus on the 28-home environmentally superior plan in the current DEIR.

Why 28? The purpose of the DEIR hearing was analyzing the environmental impacts in the existing DEIR. The lowest alternative in the existing DEIR is the 28 "environmentally superior" plan. The City attorneys and the DEIR firm said that the 28 alternative plan was offered but not analyzed thoroughly.

What happens next?

The DEIR will be revised and include updated studies with particular emphasis on traffic and biology--but also many other concerns--for 28 homes. The revised DEIR must be recirculated for public comment given the very significant changes and come back to the Planning Commission and City Council for further action.

We see this step as a very positive outcome in The Road to Zero.

Thank you Petaluma!

Because of YOU--all of your comments, yard sign displays, your willingness to attend meetings, your discussions with anyone who would listen to you--our community is on the path to preserving this land for future generations!

YOU are the reason that the 2017 DEIR was declared inadequate!. YOU are the ones who had your voices heard during this 13 year journey that we have been on together!

THANK YOU for reading the DEIR! THANK YOU for signing the petition! THANK YOU for sitting through meetings! THANK YOU for everything that you have done that we don't know about!

THANK YOU for caring so much about this beautiful land!

Details will follow

Many details (probably more than what you ever want to know about the City Council meeting) will follow in the next email. We will return to our detailed, factual writing without so many exclamation points.

If you can't wait to see a video of the City Council, follow this link:

In the meantime, as you walk, hike, bike, or drive by this beautiful land, imagine it as part of Helen Putnam Park. This will be your legacy for future generations. Together we can make this vision a reality!