Park Plans 2023

According to Kelly Creek Protection Project website, these plans will be developed in three different phases:

So folks, this is Phase 1 of what the public will get if this project is approved:

From Kelly Creek Protection Project website:

The remaining Phase 2 and Phase 3 depend upon the following:  Once the property is transferred to Sonoma County Regional Parks, the exact timing for implementation of the different phases of the Putnam Park extension project will depend on available funds and priorities of the Sonoma County Regional Parks District. KCPP plans to collaborate with Parks in pursuing grant funding to support the improvements described in our park plan. But that can occur only after the City approves the project and we have closed escrow on the 47 acres Davidon has agreed to sell to KCPP.

Phase 2 would last approximately six to nine months and would include construction of the upper parking lot off Windsor Drive, permanent restroom, playground, group picnic area, trail along D Street and Windsor Drive to the barn center, internal bracing of the barns, ephemeral drainages restoration, pasture improvements, planting, and irrigation.

Phase 3 would last approximately three to four months and would include completion of the south segment of the loop trail, installation of the third footbridge, and barn restoration.


How well funded is the Sonoma County Regional Park system?

For the public to determine if the park amenities are a realistic vision, we should be given an estimated cost analysis of the amenities: 


The public should ask about the funds available for Sonoma County Regional Park system for park development—not maintenance.  What will be the availability of funds for the Putnam Park Expansion for all phases now?  What do the reserves show for 5 - 6 years from now?


Right now, the Sonoma County Regional Park system has 50 parks to visit (and maintain). 


Does past experience predict the future?

How long did it take the Sonoma County Regional Parks to build the new trail entering Helen Putnam installed across from the West Haven development?  Wasn't that expansion of the park a condition of development of West Haven years and years ago?  If the time it took for that parking lot construction is an indicator of Sonoma County Regional Park system amenity installation, it could be many, many years before we see any of these more complicated amenities installed.

if the funds are available . . . .