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Arnold Scott originally owned the 58-acre farm (historic red barn and grazing cattle) at D and Windsor. The property begins at the red barn, is on the both sides of Windsor, and runs up Kelly Creek to Victoria open space and Helen Putnam County Regional Park. Mr. Scott passed away in 1999 and willed the land to The University of Pacific (UOP) in Stockton for a scholarship fund.

The following article is detailed history about the land written by Katherine Rinehart for the Sonoma County Library:

On December 31, 2003, the University of the Pacific in Stockton sold the land to a developer, Davidon Homes of Walnut Creek, for $7.8 million. In 2004, Davidon Homes submitted a plan to the City of Petaluma to build 93 single-family homes.

Davidon submitted another plan to the Planning Committee and City Council in 2013, which requested 93 homes and was to be evaluated using the outdated 1987 General Plan. The Davidon representatives orally said there would be no more than 66 homes.

Davidon's 2014 application revised its plan down to 63 or 66 homes with a public access trail running through the development along Kelly/Weiss Creek up to the county park. Both options would have a 300 ft. urban separator (open space buffer zone) at the south edge of the property (the City border along the hillside), a trail along Kelly Creek leading to Helen Putnam county park, a parking lot with 47 spaces, and trailhead facilities (restrooms and picnic tables). Davidon is waiving its rights to use the 1987 General Plan. The Davidon project will now be evaluated using the 2025 General Plan.

In 2017, Davidon submitted a new application with 63 or 66 homes (basically the same plans as 2014). After thorough review by the Planning Commission and City Council, the 2017 Draft Environmental Report (DEIR) was determined not to be adequate. See link on the sidebar about the specifics of the problems with the DEIR.

In 2017, Kelly Creek Protection Project (KCPP) and Davidon started meeting privately and struck a deal between themselves to build 28 luxury homes in exchange for land for Helen Putnam Park.

Petalumans for Responsible Planning was not involved in the "deal." Petalumans for Responsible Planning does not support Davidon and KCPP making a “deal” for the community with no input from the community.

Petalumans for Responsible Planning stands by our city government public process. The Planning Commission and City Council will review the new and accurate DEIR and listen to public comments. These officials (with input from the public) will be making decisions about this land.

We are as determined as we were in 2004 to continue to protect the environment and enable the public to enjoy the recreation opportunities of this incredible, one-of-kind location. We seek to give voice to the whole community's concerns about this development, to pursue open space and parkland alternatives, and to enforce the environmental laws.

We support keeping this land as open space and becoming an extension of Helen Putnam Park. We will continue to support zero homes on the property.

Once this land is developed, the open space will be gone forever for future generations.

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Petalumans for Responsible Planning (PetRP) has existed for over 15 years and is an unincorporated association for social welfare purposes under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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