Davidon Revised Application Jan 2014

Davidon submitted a revised application to the City of Petaluma in January 2014.

The changes that Davidon is requesting are the following:

  1. Maximum number of homes to be built: down from 93 to either 63 or 66.
  2. Project will comply with the City’s 2025 General Plan, not the older 1987 Plan.
  3. Modification of General Plan Policy 2-P-68 (Preserve the uniqueness of the property at the intersection of D Street and Windsor Drive/ Scott Ranch through incorporation of specific criteria). We called these the "bullet points."
      1. Change to Amendment 2-P-68 "Bullet Points"
      2. Davidon is proposing to change five out of the eight bullet points.
        • Respect the gateway value with a minimum 100'-residence and fence setback from D Street with no sound walls.
        • Maintain a minimum of a 100'- residence and fence setback from the centerline of along Kelly Creek and its tributaries protect biological values of water resources as directed by resource agencies
        • At the City's election either:
          • Preserve the red barns and two related outbuildings in place (painting the buildings but not otherwise rehabilitating them), and, designate them historic or
          • Relocate the large red barn to a visually prominent location at the site, rehabilitate the barn, and designate it historic, and encourage the incorporation of a nature study area near the relocated barn.
        • Preserve and maintain habitat areas and trees.
        • Avoid slide areas and minimize grading.
        • Provide a minimum 300'-wide Urban Separator.
        • Construct dedicate, and maintain a neighborhood park to the maximum extent consistent with federal and state law, including the Quimby Act. Include an ADA-compliant, multi-use trail that meets the requirements for a Class I bicycle facility along Kelly Creek. Provide a minimum of a 3-acre park site
        • Include the provision of Construct and dedicate trailhead facilities with restrooms and parking with a connection via the multi-use trail to Helen Putnam Regional Park
        • Respect City hillside regulations.

Please follow the link to the PDF file describing the changes.

Davidon Revised Application January 2014

63 Home Plan