KCPP Announcement 6/4/18

The Kelley Creek Protection Project "deal" with Davidon is not public information.

According to KCPP:

What if the City doesn't approve the revised EIR and the project application for 28 homes?

We are able to purchase the property for the extension of Putnam Park only if Davidon receives City approval to construct 28 homes on the land. If Davidon does not receive approval for its 28-home proposal, it has no obligation to sell the 44 acres to KCPP. KCPP would then no longer have the right to acquire the 44 acres and would not receive the $1 million Open Space matching grant for the acquisition. Davidon would be free to reapply to the City to build more than 28 homes or to sell the property to another developer with no restrictions on the property.