Petalumans for Responsible Planning

We care about open space at Windsor & D Street

This proposal is going to City Council

Monday, February 27, 2023

We will let you know as soon as we know the details about the meeting.

City Council email addresses

As a reminder, any comments submitted to the Planning Commission will go to the City Council. This is an opportunity for the public to review a chapter (or two) and ask questions that have not been asked of the Planning Commissioners. You may also reinforce comments that have been made by others.

Planning Commission Meeting - vote not unanimous

Thank you so much for writing emails and speaking eloquently at the Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, August 9.

The goal of the Planning Commission meeting was to analyze the environmental impacts of this project. Many public comments followed the guidelines and made comments about the following environmental topics:

* 28 homes, which will be selling for $1 million+, won’t met the needs of Petaluma families.

* Preserving the wildlife and animal habitat and grasslands should be a city priority.

* Petaluma has a drought and water shortage.

* Cars are needed to get out of the neighborhood. This increases VMT and directly negates the City’s climate goals. If we are going to meet our carbon neutral goal by 2030, we MUST commit to climate-responsible development.

* The town should not be building new homes in a high-risk fire zone.

How the commissioners voted:


Sandra Potter
Roger McErlane
Rick Whisman
Amy Rider
Heidi Bauer
Kevin McDonnell

Darren Racusen
Blake Hooper

Both Darren Racusen and Blake Hooper had obviously read the environmental report and asked very detailed questions about what was in the report. Listening to Blake and Darren was gratifying to those of us who had spent hours reading the complicated technical report and summarizing its contents. 

You wrote excellent letters and spoke eloquently about the environmental impacts of this development.  We were very proud of you!  Thank you!

We are not giving up!

We continue to believe that this is the wrong project in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Davidon Homes (a luxury home builder from Walnut Creek) developed plans in 2004 for 93 homes (reduced to 63+ homes in 2017 and 28 homes in 2021) on 58 acres at D Street and Windsor, right next to Helen Putnam County Regional Park and Petaluma's urban growth boundary.

Petalumans for Responsible Planning (PetRP) has existed for over 18 years and is an unincorporated association for social welfare purposes. PetRP is concerned IF Davidon's plan has gone far enough to protect the environment and enable the public to enjoy the recreation opportunities of this incredible, one-of-kind location. 

We seek to give voice to the community's concerns about this development, to pursue open space and parkland alternatives, and to enforce our environmental laws. 

Keep updated on this development!

Argus Courier Poll - June 14, 2018

Question:  Are you in favor of a proposal to protect some open space and build some Davidon homes? Here are the results:

No = 81.1% (284 people)

Yes = 18.9% (66 people)

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