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An idea for Petaluma Development

Riverfront Development

The Riverfront development bounded by Highway 101 and the Petaluma River has been approved by the Planning Commission for the construction of 43 two-story homes, but no developer wants to build. Walkable development and affordable housing are what Petaluma needs.

Davidon Homes

Davidon Homes has been attempting to build high-end homes at Windsor and D Street for 15 years. Citizens have overwhelming voiced their concerns over the loss of biodiversity, endangered species habitat, and accessible open space--no matter the size of the development--and say it does not represent the needs and wishes of Petalumans. This development will definitely add to the congestion and traffic on our crumbling streets.

An idea

How about this idea? Let's encourage city officials, Davidon, and public advocacy groups to open a dialogue and explore alternatives. How about Davidon building the Riverfront development?People would welcome Davidon's participation in a project that Petaluma wants and needs. Could an exchange be made so that the land at Windsor & D remains as open space for future generations to enjoy as Davidon builds an infill project?

Who are potential developers? Can different developers with different expertise be a part of this project? Could Davidon build the single-family homes since this is their expertise? Could another developer build the 35 townhouses? Could a non-profit organization be a part of building affordable housing?

How could this idea work?

This needs to be a community discussion with people who want to make this idea a reality.

The ideal solution is to build infill, affordable, and walkable homes in exchange for open space that we can all enjoy for generations to come.

We see this solution as a Win Win!

We challenge civic-minded, "can-do" people to step forward and explore this option.

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