2018 Questionnaire to candidates and their answers

Petalumans for Responsible Planning sent a questionnaire to each of the Petaluma mayoral and city council candidates. The questionnaire was very specific about the Scott Ranch/Davidon proposal and the future of the land at Windsor and D Street.

Content of the questionnaire:


On June 19, 2017, The City Council agreed that the next Davidon DEIR should focus on the 28-home environmentally superior plan in the current DEIR. Why 28? The purpose of the DEIR hearing was analyzing the environmental impacts in the existing DEIR. The lowest alternative in the existing DEIR is the 28 "environmentally superior" plan. The City attorneys and the DEIR firm said that the 28 alternative plan was offered but not analyzed thoroughly. According to the 2017 Environmental Impact Report (http://cityofpetaluma.net/cdd/pdf/davidon/EIR-Revised/Vol2/5-0-Alternatives.pdf, p. 5.0-23 to 5.0-37), the 28-lot alternative would have Significant and Unavoidable impacts in protecting biological resources; conflict with an applicable land use plan, policy, or regulation; and measures of effectiveness for the performance of the local roadway system and regional freeway system under cumulative.


What role does a city council member have in protecting community character and addressing issues such as traffic circulation?

Too often Petaluma’s traffic problems are concentrated into Rainier as a solution.


What steps would you take to solve traffic congestion on Windsor, D Street, and adjoining streets now that commuters are using these streets to avoid 101 traffic?


What is the number of homes (if any) that you think should be built on this property?


Since 44 acres of the 58 acres will become part of Putnam Park, where on the remaining 14 acres should the 28 homes be located?


Given that Petaluma is already critically short of police, fire, and first responders, would the Davidon development help solve this problem? How would you solve this problem?


Are there net fiscal benefits to the proposed Davidon project? What are the potential costs to the city?

Preliminary project plans show that four homes will be located within the red-legged frog habitat.

Question: Should the Council permit Davidon to build on the portion of the land that is habitat for the threatened red-legged frog, which would mean its death or removal or could these houses be relocated to avoid this significant impact?

Mayoral Candidates

Three candidates are running for mayor (one seat available):

Click on the link below each candidate's name for their responses to our questionnaire.

Teresa Barrett


Mike Harris


Brian Powell


no response received

City Council Candidates

Seven candidates are running for city council (three seats available):

Click on the link below each candidate's name for their responses to our questionnaire.

Scott Alonso


Robert Conklin


no response received

D'Lynda Fischer


Dave King


Kevin McDonnell


Dennis Pocekay


Michael Regan