Argus Courier Poll April 13, 2017


Are you in favor of a Davidon Homes housing development near Helen Putnam Park?

Here are the results:

No (507 respondents) = 90.2 %

Yes (55 respondents) = 9.8 %

Respondents to an online Argus-Courier Poll overwhelmingly said they were against a proposed Davidon Homes development in west Petaluma near Helen Putnam Park. The planning commission advanced the proposal last week.

Here are some comments:

“Absolutely and unequivocally no. The beautiful and important natural gem that is Helen Putnam Park needs an ample buffer zone. Native plants and animals, including the endangered red-legged frog, do not recognize map boundaries. Also, our scenic byway on D Street cannot support more traffic, and our gateway would be despoiled by $2 million homes that do not support the people of this town.”

“Absolutely horrified at the idea that they’ll throw more homes on this beautiful, historical and environmentally critical spot. With Helen Putnam right there it seems extremely short sighted that the city can’t find a way to expand the borders of the park instead of cramming in more horrible properties on Windsor Drive. These developments make Petaluma just that much less appealing. Pretty soon we won’t need more housing because no one will want to live here anyway.”

“I would be in favor if the development included an extension of open land.”

“Among many other reasons to argue against this development, I offer that there is not an infrastructure to support it. The traffic on D Street is at a slow crawl for hours daily. This issue must be dealt with before adding to it. Luxury homes usually include more than one car and swimming pools. Our community needs neither.”

“As long as they are truly luxury homes, yes. We need that type of housing in this community.”

“Building new homes in Petaluma has to stop. Traffic is insane. We need open space. That’s why people move here.”

“Can’t have a housing crisis yet turn down construction in all price segments. It can’t all be ‘stack and pack.’”

“Expand the park. Davidon has a great opportunity to do the right thing. We all want a better Petaluma, not an exclusive, remote subdivision.”

“Helen Putnam is not a backyard for the wealthy. It’s for the community. Build them elsewhere, and preserve the views at Helen Putnam.”

Letter to the Editor, April 13, 2017

Stop development

EDITOR: We would like to encourage your paper and the city to do all that it can to stop the Davidon development. It is such a rare piece of property so easily reached by and enjoyed by anyone, anywhere in our city. Please help us work on obtaining that property for the further expansion of Helen Putnam Park, rather than allowing mega-mansions and cement to cover those beautiful green lands and hills.

Bob and Kathleen Piro