Greg Colvin's Presentation to City Council 4/15/13

Apr 2013 PetRP slides ‎(00485366)‎


Response to Davidon Draft Environmental Impact Report:

(counterproposal to be submitted to our members, modifying Alternative D)

April 15, 2013

  1. Construct new homes for sale only in the northeast and northwest portions of the property (above Windsor Drive and below Oxford Court). No more than 20.

a. Shift toward fewer homes on larger lots with scenic views of pristine Kelly Creek to maximize economic values for developer, feathering density. Like Pinnacle.

b. Building fewer homes mitigates many impacts, including greenhouse gases, air and water quality, storm water runoff, construction noise, and traffic on D Street.

c. Respect scenic views, privacy, property values of immediate neighboring homes; 100-foot separator.

d. Observe hillside ordinance: avoid building on ridge tops, unstable slopes prone to erosion and sliding.

e. Reconfigure lots northeast of Windsor: a single line of houses on larger lots with the new street behind.

f. Northwest of Windsor below Oxford: minimize grading and landslide potential by building on the lower, less steep slopes, larger lots where possible.

g. High LEED construction standards; solar-ready roofs.

h. Establish bond, guaranty, or trust large enough to cover potential damages to new residents, neighbors, downstream property owners, and the City generally.

  1. No residential development in Kelly Creek area (south of creek and below Windsor Drive). Leave as open space, parkland, habitat for red-legged frog, deer, turkeys.

a. No need for off-site endangered species mitigation.

b. Preserve unique beauty of scenic western Petaluma gateway.

c. Continue grazing cows for fire control and agricultural legacy.

d. Maintain quality of Kelly Creek watershed, minimize downstream impacts.

  1. Leave historic red barns in place, restore as agricultural-themed trailhead facilities, convey property to City and/or Sonoma County Regional Park, active recreation.

a. Improve walking and biking access: sidewalk on west side of D Street, stoplight at D and Windsor, asphalt trail on north side of creek to Putnam Park trails.

b. Parking lot for 40 cars, restrooms, bike racks, water fountain, picnic tables.

c. Children’s playground, playing fields (volleyball, Frisbee, etc.).

d. Consider dairy-themed store serving neighbors and visitors.

e. Build residence for caretaker, ranger, or host family.

f. To fund park maintenance: new residents’ HOA to require annual park access fee; developer to provide endowment to Sonoma County Regional Parks.

g. Make park improvements first, provide public access before constructing houses.

h. Enforce all promises made by Davidon to community.