Petaluma General Plan 2025

What is the Petaluma General Plan?

The General Plan 2025 is online:

222 pages of information

Development of General Plan 2025

Goal: Guide long-term physical development over the next 20 years.

Required by State of California

Started in 2001

Adopted on May 19, 2008

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Six key issues emerged during development of General Plan 2025

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  1. Economic health
  2. Infill/residential growth projection
  3. Water resources
  4. Mobility
  5. Public facilities and parks
  6. Sustainability (traffic, floods, water)

Guiding Principles of General Plan 2025

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  1. Maintain a close-knit, neighborly, and family-friendly city.
  2. Preserve and enhance Petaluma's historic character.
  3. Preserve and enhance Petaluma's natural environment and distinct setting in the region--a community with a discrete edge surrounded by open space.
  4. Enhance the Petaluma River corridor. . . . .
  5. Stimulate and increase public access and use of pathways as alternative transportation routes . . . .
  6. Provide for a range of attractive and viable transportation alternatives . . . .
  7. Enhance downtown . . . .
  8. Foster and promote economic diversity and opportunities.
  9. Expand retail opportunities to meet residents' needs . . .
  10. Continue efforts to achieve a jobs/housing balance emphasizing opportunities for residents to work locally.
  11. Foster a sustainable community in which today's needs do not compromise the ability of the community to meet its future needs . . . .
  12. Ensure infrastructure is strengthened and maintained.
  13. Standards for . . . streets, parks, storm drainage, and fire/safety are established to ensure that growth does not exceed carrying capacity.

Information in General Plan 2025 specifically referring to the Davidon property

Details found on p. 2-P-68, p. 2-17 - do a search for: Scott Ranch

Preserve the uniqueness of the property at the intersection of ‘D’ Street and Windsor Drive (Scott Ranch) through incorporation of the following criteria in future development review processes:

  • Respect the Gateway value with a minimum 100’ setback from ‘D’ Street, with no soundwalls.
  • Maintain a minimum of a 100’ setback along Kelly Creek and its tributaries.
  • Preserve the red barns, in place; designate them historic, and encourage the incorporation of a nature study area.
  • Preserve and maintain habitat areas and trees.
  • Avoid slide areas and minimize grading.
  • Provide a minimum 300’ wide Urban Separator.
  • Provide a minimum of a 3-acre park site.
  • Include the provision of trailhead facilities with restrooms and parking, with a connection to Putnam Regional Park.
  • Respect City hillside regulations.