Yard Sign Details

People driving on D Street and Windsor may have no idea what has been proposed. The same for Sunnyslope, B Street, Western, downstream Kelly Creek neighbors, and people from all over town who come to walk in Helen Putnam Park.

The fate of the red barn, Putnam Park, and this beautiful gateway location is important to everyone city-wide.

Petalumans for Responsible Planning has placed an order for yard signs. The signs will say:

Tell Davidon:

Save the Red Barn

Expand Putnam Park

Limit Development


Petalumans for Responsible Planning

PetRP@comcast.net * www.Pet.org

If your house has a visible location, whether near the Davidon property or really ANYWHERE in town, please volunteer to place a sign in your yard. We will deliver and install the signs when they arrive.

Link to Yard Sign-up Form